Friday, April 20, 2012

My Latest Thrift Finds

I love visiting thrift shops, or op (opportunity) shops as we call them here. whenever I pass one I just have to stop in and I rarely leave without at least a little something!

recently I found this lovely little glass bowl with lid, not sure but it might be a sugar bowl? not sure what I'll use it for but it was too pretty to leave behind. the glass sectioned tray came with it, the tray doesn't match the bowl but at  $5 for the both I thought it was a bargain. The little covered casserole dishes I found a while ago. they are so useful and I find many uses for them. they are especially handy for serving one of my favourite soups, french onion. there are six of them and they cost a dollar each!


kitty said...

I love your purchases! Isn't it fun to find great bargains?

jeanetteann said...

Bridget,your finds are really nice. The clear dishes are depression glass. You see a lot of the clear ones in the op shops. I collect the pink, which is too expensive now. I can't resist bringing home the clear ones either,they have so many uses and are equally as nice as the coloured,and so much cheaper. Your little pottery ramekins are useful too.
Thank you for your visit and sweet comments
xx jeanetteann